About Us

Our Mission

Welcoming America helps communities across the country achieve prosperity by becoming more welcoming toward immigrants and all residents.

What We Do

Welcoming America Affiliates
A Network of Community Initiatives

Welcoming America supports a national network of nonprofit affiliates. Using our practical, proven approach, local affiliates empower supportive residents of local communities—immigrants and U.S.-born neighbors together—to transform their towns and cities into Welcoming communities. With the help of Welcoming America’s tools and resources, affiliates can draw on a national network of support to advance their community-wide approaches.

Welcoming Cities and Counties Initiative
A Community of Practice for Local Government Leaders

Participating city and county governments connect with their peers to share good ideas, develop new tools, and receive recognition for their efforts to create more welcoming communities that improve the quality of life and economic potential for all residents.  For more, visit www.welcomingcities.org.

Welcoming Refugees
Fostering Community Engagement and Welcoming Communities Project

Supported by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, this technical assistance project offers new tools and support to enhance and sustain resettlement work in local communities; build new partnerships; address challenging climates; and ensure the success of refugees in communities across the nation. For more, visit www.welcomingrefugees.org.

National Welcoming Week
Celebrating Immigrant Contributions and Building New Neighbors

Each year in September, Welcoming America and its partners across the country host events that bring together immigrants and U.S.-born community members in a spirit of unity through service projects and other events.  To find out more or to join or host your own event, visit www.welcomingweek.org.

Welcoming Institute

Welcoming America offers training and technical assistance to organizations interested in fostering more positive local climates for newcomers and all residents. Contact us at info@welcomingamerica.org to learn more about our menu of services.