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New Video: Stay-at-home mom and Sudanese refugee find common ground

Welcoming America | December 15, 2016



Stay-at-home mom Becca Clary found common ground with Sudanese refugee Fatima Bakhit through a cultural exchange program at Kentucky Refugee Ministries. Not only has Becca helped Fatima feel welcome in her new home and learn English, she also has gained a friend. 

Building a nation of neighbors starts right where you are: in your community, and there are ways you can make a difference, too. Together, let’s build bridges and demonstrate that our differing identities are assets in making our communities and nation stronger. 

We may not all share the same history, but we share one future: will you consider volunteering your time or giving resources to your local refugee-serving organizations at this important time?

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The Birthplace of Welcoming

Welcoming America | September 26, 2016

As we finish celebrating Welcoming Week in hundreds of communities across the United States, let's go back to where the welcoming movement began - Nashville - and watch how the city transformed itself from fear of immigrant newcomers to a place that actively welcomes them, and is thriving because of it. 

At a time when over 65 million refugees are looking for a place to call home, communities around the world can learn from and be inspired by Nashville’s story.

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Video: What We Learned at Welcoming Interactive 2016

Welcoming America | May 16, 2016



The first Welcoming Interactive explored major themes affecting our local communities including achieving equity for everyone, combating anti-Muslim bias, and the importance of lifting up shared values. In our new video, you can hear directly from participants about how they can apply what they have learned in their own communities.

Whether you attended the Interactive or not, Welcoming America can help you strengthen your inclusion work locally through our Welcoming Institute. We offer classes on messaging, ensuring equitable access, building connected communities, and many more topics. Check out the list of trainings we provide through our Welcoming Institute, as well as our upcoming webinars and resource library. Contact us anytime to learn more about on-site training.

Forward-thinking communities around the country are recognizing that being welcoming to new Americans makes them more economically competitive and vibrant places for all residents. The growing trend of actively welcoming new Americans, counter to divisive rhetoric, shows that immigrant inclusion is thriving at the local level. Welcoming America helps communities to build understanding between host communities and newcomers, so that everyone can participate, thrive, and feel a sense of belonging.

Join Welcoming America to gain access to key resources and a vibrant network of communities across the country who are leading the way on immigrant inclusion.

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