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Take Action

Support Your Immigrant and Refugee Neighbors


Building a nation of neighbors starts right where you are: in your community, and there are ways you can make a difference. 

Together, let’s build bridges and find common ground. Let’s show all people that our differing identities make our communities and nation stronger. 

Here is our growing list of ways that you personally can put your welcoming spirit into practice in everyday life. 

Because one person can make a difference.

Ways to welcome in your community

Host a Supper Club

Bring together newcomers and longtime residents in your community through the universal language of food. Get started with this toolkit.

Call your U.S. Senators and Representatives

Tell them immigrants and refugees are valued contributors to our communities, and that our country should live up to its values and remain a welcoming place.
How to contact your elected officials.

Write an Op-Ed

Write an op-ed for your local newspaper opposing the Executive Order and sharing how refugees are important contributors to your community. Here are tips for writing an op-ed.

Thank Your Local Officials

Call and thank your mayor and other local officials who are supporting immigrants and refugees, or urge them to do so. Here is a template for you to use:

"I am your constituent from [City]. Thank you mayor/county executive/local leader for standing up for immigrants and refugees. I am proud to live in a community that is welcoming and stands up for the most vulnerable in our community.   It's not only the right thing to do but our community is vibrant in part because of the diversity of thought, culture and experiences that immigrants and refugees bring to our neighborhoods.
Thanks again and know that you can count on my support.

-[Your Name]"


Tweet how you and your community welcomes refugees and immigrants, using #NoBanNoWallNoRaids.

Host a Community Dialogue

In a supportive and safe environment, participants can express their concerns and fears. Dialogues are a great way to bring those with different opinions together, understand other points of view, reflect on their own perceptions, and help you strengthen your community for everyone. Here’s a great resource to plan a community dialogue.

Engage Local Decision-Makers

Write an op-ed on an issue you feel strongly about, urge your mayor or city council to promote welcoming values for everyone, or share how your community can join Welcoming America for access to resources, training, and a national network of communities who are actively planning to be inclusive to all residents. If your community already is a member of Welcoming America’s growing network, see how you can support them.

Change the Message

At a time when many people are feeling unwelcome and unsafe, we can help you reaffirm shared values and support all your neighbors. Start this critical discussion today by downloading our latest resources:

Support Local Organizations that Help Immigrants and Refugees

They need your help more than ever. Volunteer, donate, or support a refugee family. Find volunteer opportunities here.

Help People Learn Their Rights

United We Dream and the National Immigrant Law Center have excellent resources to help immigrants and refugees understand their rights in uncertain times. Here are more local options from the Immigrant Local Resource Center. 

Fight Back Against Hate

The Southern Poverty Law Center outlines 10 principles for communities to fight hate, along with a collection of inspiring stories of people who worked to push hate out of their communities.

Share The Stories Of Nashville And Small Midwestern Towns With Your Local Elected Official

Send an email to your local elected official sharing the stories of Nashville and towns in Nebraska - places that have been transformed by the welcoming movement - and ask how your city can follow their lead in becoming a welcoming city.

Post A Photo Using Our "I’m A Welcomer" Sign

You can 1. apply our photo filter to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and 2. take a picture with our I’m a Welcomer sign and share it using hashtags #IWelcome and #NoBanNoWallNoRaids.

Follow Welcoming America On Social Media And Share Our Content

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with the welcoming stories of immigrants and refugees and our communities.

Organize A Neighborhood Get-Together

"How to welcome is something we need to help people with. Bringing people together with food creates a platform for international exchange where they are able to interact on an equal footing," said Veena Prasad, Potluck for Peace Co-Organizer. Take some tips from this Potluck for Peace event, which brought together diverse neighbors over food, music, and conversation.

Give To Welcoming America In Honor Of A Friend Or Family Member

Make a donation to Welcoming America in honor of someone you love and share why they inspire you on social media using #3waystowelcome.