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Welcoming in the News

Here are some media coverage highlights to inspire and inform your own community’s welcoming movement.

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Welcoming refugees makes America stronger

"As a service member, I know that welcoming refugees makes our nation stronger...by swelling the ranks of our citizenry with productive members of society. And as a refugee, I know that my fellows are among the most grateful, the most patriotic, and the most willing to give back to their community and country."

The best American cities for refugees share these key qualities

Some of the qualities the best communities share that help newcomers find success include good public transportation, a culture of volunteerism, and unexpectedly perhaps: chilly weather.

Cities for migrants

In stark contrast to national and international discourse around migration, mayors and local administrations are taking a proactive approach to welcoming immigrants and refugees. “For them, the newcomers are not just statistics; they are real people – and potentially productive members of the local community.”

Boise, Idaho Mayor highlights welcoming in State of the City

In Boise Mayor Bieter’s annual State of the City, he highlights Boise’s welcoming climate and its national recognition as a welcoming city. He stated that, “of the aspects of being a Boisean I’m maybe proudest of is that Boise is a welcoming city.”

Anti-refugee hype ignites quiet backlash of compassion in U.S.

Communities lead the way on refugee welcome across the US - A little-publicized “backlash to the backlash” has bubbled up from the most powerful spot of all: the bottom. “Down on the ground, it turned into a very positive story that hasn’t gotten the media attention that all those negative stories did.”

The U.S. accepts 10,000th Syrian refugee this year

This week, the United States hit its goal of welcoming 10,000 Syrian refugees to the country. National Security Advisor Susan Rice thanked the “generous communities throughout our country that have continued to open their arms to these new neighbors, demonstrating the values that have made our nation great.”

Penn State Law immigration clinic joins Welcoming America

Pennsylvania State University Law’s Center for Immigrants’ Rights Clinic is the first collegiate member of the Welcoming America network. “This membership moves us one step closer to becoming a more welcoming community for immigrants and refugees, and allows us to learn from other members in the network who are working toward the same goals."

Harrisonburg, VA to become a Welcoming City

The Harrisonburg City Council passed a resolution to join the Welcoming America network of cities, counties, and nonprofits working to build more inclusive communities. The city and local nonprofits will work on a strategy for welcoming and including newcomers.

Evidence shows immigrants actually promote more economic growth

Studies overwhelmingly show that immigrants are contributors to our economy and even spur growth; they open businesses, increase innovation, and more. One study in particular found “that nearly half of U.S. economic growth since the 1950s is attributable to the increase in the number of scientists and engineers engaged in research and development.”

Germany's pro-refugee urban-planning experiment

Two German cities are using urban planning and community forums to create new arrival cities for refugees. In Hamburg, community forums help identify new sites for additional housing and in Berlin, incremental housing plans are being used to build high-density, mixed-use housing units.

Why immigration is good for culture

A new study shows that both nationals and immigrants benefit from mutual cultural integration. "Integration is not only a task for immigrants. Nationals that integrate towards other cultures around them will thrive more too."

Florida city, county join Welcoming America to foster inclusion for new residents

The City of Gainesville and Alachua County, Florida joined the Welcoming America network this year and had an official kickoff this week with the nonprofit Welcoming Gainesville. The city, county, and nonprofit will work together to provide services to newcomers and celebrate diversity in their communities.