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Welcoming in the News

Here are some media coverage highlights to inspire and inform your own community’s welcoming movement.

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Camp Illuminate teaches English, nature to immigrant, refugee kids in Nashville

A promising practice out of Nashville combines nature and English lessons to empower young English Language Learners and continue their education beyond the school year.

Why ‘immigration is good for business’

At the Democratic National Convention, New York, Philadelphia, and Phoenix mayors and Welcoming America’s Executive Director discuss why immigration and being a welcoming city is important for their communities’ future and how they benefit economically, civically, and culturally from a welcoming climate.

From refugee chefs, a taste of home

A Paris restaurants wants to expose native French people to the cuisines and cultures of those who were arriving on their shores. They wanted to create jobs. And perhaps most of all, they wanted to begin to change the way immigrants are viewed in France.

America once excelled at immigrant integration. Here’s the way back.

The President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza covers how business, government, and nonprofit sectors can work together to make integration a less onerous.

Berlin dinner parties that celebrate refugees and their food

The Berlin initiative Über den Tellerrand combats prejudice by integrating migrants into the local communities of 20 German cities through cooking classes, recipe sharing, pop-up restaurants, and more. This project helps change perceptions and build bridges between long-time residents and newcomers.

How an Ohio town became a model city for resettling Syrian refugees

With its vast network of services, leadership from local officials, and tradition of welcoming newcomers, our member city Toledo is a leading model for successful immigrant integration and welcome.

New study lauds benefits of immigration in Akron

The foreign-born population in Akron — everyone from refugees to international students — is an economic powerhouse, according to a new study by the Partnership for a New American Economy.

Buffalo Police use new tools to reach immigrant community

The Buffalo Police Department’s new Language Access Plan to address communication challenges between immigrants and emergency responders was recently recognized by the White House for its innovative approach to inclusion. Their plan includes a telephone service that can translate 200 languages, civilian interpreters, and bilingual police officers.

New report lauds foreign-born Pittsburgh residents’ economic contributions

A new report underscores that welcoming immigrants not only benefits us culturally and civically but also economically. The Partnership for a New American Economy found that in 2014, immigrants contributed $217 million to Pittsburgh’s state and local taxes and $6.8 billion to the county’s gross domestic product.

This American city has a winning way of making refugees feel welcome

Cincinnati’s Junior League has taken an innovative approach to welcoming refugees through their Refugee Connect program that builds connections between refugees and the larger community through the universal language of soccer.

Report: International students contribute $1B annually to Michigan economy

Our economy and workers benefit from retaining them as employees, especially in critical STEM fields: International students who are employed in the US create 2.62 additional jobs and contribute significantly to regional taxes and wage growth.

Refugees help make Georgia a better place

"The bottom line is refugees quickly establish themselves in America, get jobs and eventually start businesses, buy homes, learn English and become citizens. When welcomed to their new home and provided opportunities, refugees become highly productive citizens and help their host communities thrive."