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We are here to help you create more inclusive communities, and the following public resources have been designed to help you spark and grow welcoming efforts in your community. 

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Here's a draft press release template in case you need something to help get you started!

Kick off your event planning with sample activities, check lists, a sample press release, and more.

It’s a time of immense challenges for the communities we serve, many of whom are living in fear. We are becoming polarized, and many Americans have been uprooted by the sense that they no longer belong. The values we stand for and the people we serve face grave threats. At the same time, many people are standing up for their neighbors and affirming that our country is a place for everyone, weaving together new and longtime residents so that we can all be part of the fabric of our shared future. 

Kick off your event planning with sample activities, check lists, a sample press release, and more.

The "I'm a Welcomer" sign in the Slovenian language. 

Welcoming America is partnering with Civity to offer training and coaching assistance to selected communities interested in deepening work to foster connections across difference. Selected communities will receive tailored trainings and follow-up support from Civity to improve intentional relationship-building skills and to create and grow opportunities for connection and relationship-building across difference, including difference between newer immigrants and refugees and longer-term residents. This opportunity is open to Welcoming Network members across the United States.

Our multilingual Welcoming Week Postcards are a fun and easy way to show community support for everyone, including immigrants and refugees, and lift up our shared values.

For individuals looking to encourage their community to declare their intent to be an inclusive place for all, including immigrants and refugees, a symbolic welcoming proclamation is a great place to start.

Consider forming a group that's not only diverse in background but also in the role they play in your community, long-term residents, newcomers, business and civic leaders, and educators, to stand behind an affirmation of values. It's important that a welcoming statement be non-partisan and inclusive of all, including immigrants and U.S.-born community members.