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We are here to help you create more inclusive communities, and the following public resources have been designed to help you spark and grow welcoming efforts in your community. 

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Here's a draft press release template in case you need something to help get you started!

Welcoming Webinar

Learn how to include refugees in your community's economic development opportunities - from creating inclusive training to culturally competent lending programs. You'll come away from the webinar with two promising practices to emulate and beginning steps to weaving economic development into your everyday work.

Welcoming Webinar

Whether this is your first time hosting or you're a Welcoming Week veteran, join us to explore new ideas for events, new tools, and best practices for hosting. We will also share highlights from last year and plans for this September.

This message toolkit is designed to help people working with and on behalf of recent refugees to deliver strong messages that will encourage community leaders and policy makers to take action to support refugees in their area. 

In this webinar, you will gain a basic understanding of the skills gap issue and the opportunities international talent presents. You will learn how to access existing resources for highly-skilled immigrants and take away practical tips that can be implemented locally in the short-term.

This storybook features the stories of 11 immigrant entrepreneurs in the Rust Belt.

Produced by the WE Global Network.

Welcoming Webinar

Welcoming America and World Education, Inc. invite adult educators from across the country to join an exciting opportunity to review and shape an adult education toolkit designed to foster inclusive communities, celebrate the contributions of New Americans, and build cross-community interaction. In celebration of National Welcoming Week, we have prepared a variety of classroom activities that build communicative skills as they also bring together diverse communities to learn about each other’s lives and experiences.

This guide showcases the role immigrants play in economic growth, job creation, and prosperity for their community. Chapters contain best practices, strategies, and models that can inform those working in the fields of economic development and immigrant integration.

Welcoming Webinar

Join Welcoming America, Active Voice, and Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Services to learn about the new ONWARD Project. ONWARD is a story and data project to help faith-based leaders engage their communities around one of the most pressing issues today. In this webinar, you will learn about all the films, stories, and resources ONWARD has to offer and how you can integrate them into your work.

While Shelbyville is, in many ways, a typical southern town, it is also unique. Several of the residents appearing in the documentary and on this website are active participants of the Welcoming Tennessee Initiative, a statewide effort to help improve relations between long-term residents and immigrant newcomers.