Cutting refugee flow on basis of religion threatens our core values; Welcoming America denounces executive action to ban entry from those of Muslim faith

Executive Action undermines our nation’s core values

Keiron Bone Dormegnie | January 20, 2017

Our shared prosperity relies on the innovation and creativity of people who come from all over the world, all walks of life, and all faiths and cultural traditions. Providing protection to those seeking safety from violence and persecution is one of our nation’s proudest and longest standing traditions. It represents who we are as a people.

Welcoming America strongly opposes President Trump’s Executive Action that among other things would temporarily suspend the entire U.S. refugee resettlement program and institute extreme vetting for individuals seeking refuge from war-torn countries.

Refugees of many faiths and ethnicities are being welcomed by Americans in communities across the country. They are integrating successfully, and they are contributing economically, civically, and socially to their new homes. These refugees are our coworkers, neighbors, friends, business owners, community leaders, and proud American citizens and voters.

We vehemently oppose any proposal or statements calling for a ban on refugees, as well as discrimination based on religion or nationality. As a nation founded in part by refugees and immigrants, these kind of discriminatory policies dishonor our history, beliefs and values.

This Executive Order will not make us safer. It simply feeds the rhetoric of fear and distrust in the United States, and marginalizes new Americans who want to contribute to their new communities and country. By protecting those whose liberties and lives are at risk, we affirm our values, and we model them for the world at a time when moral courage is sorely needed. The United States has the responsibility to lead with compassion and strength and embody the values that are the fabric of our nation.

Welcoming America stands with our refugee neighbors of all faiths, and we pledge to continue to fight discrimination in all its forms.

We call on members of this Administration and Congress to reverse this announcement.

Take Action

  1. Sign the Petition
    Tell the President that America is a welcoming country and that stopping this program will have profound and detrimental consequences.
  2. Call your U.S. Senators and Representatives to tell them you welcome refugees, and that our country should live up to its values and remaining a welcoming place. Here are ideas of what else you can tell them.
  3. Call and thank your mayor and other local officials who are supporting immigrants and refugees, or urge them to do so.
  4. Support local organizations that help immigrants and refugees. They need your help more than ever. Volunteer, donate, or support a refugee family. Find volunteer opportunities here.

You can help Welcoming America’s efforts to welcome immigrants and refugees by donating today.


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