How to get involved in the count for Census 2020

How to Get Involved in the Count for Census 2020

Rachel Peric | June 27, 2019

We applaud the Supreme Court’s decision today, which we expect will result in prohibiting the inclusion of an untested citizenship question -  a policy designed to limit the freedom of all Americans to be counted.  
This important decision protects our democracy and reaffirms the foundational role of an accurate, inclusive census in our representational government.

Our work is just beginning. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make sure all our neighbors count, belong and thrive in Census 2020. A Complete Count starts in communities, where leaders can reinforce the key facts:  census data are protected by the strictest confidentiality protections under federal law, and will help the government allocate $800 billion in federal resources that support essential services, like schools and hospitals. An accurate census will help ensure the community is accurately represented at every level of government.   

Here are some actions you can take:

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