iMarch for Immigration: Welcoming America and Communities Across the Country Call on Congress to Act Now and Protect Dreamers

iMarch for Immigration: Welcoming America and Communities Across the Country Call on Congress to Act Now and Protect Dreamers

| December 6, 2017

Today, Welcoming America joins the iMarch for Immigration Campaign calling on Congress to protect Dreamers now. Dreamers are a generation of nearly 800,000 young adults who came to the United States as children. They have grown up as Americans, pledging allegiance to our flag, and have worked side by side with all Americans to build a more vital nation. Through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, they have been able to work legally, share their talents, and contribute to the economy without fear of being deported to a country they've never known. 

The iMarch campaign includes a nationwide virtual march for immigration reform and has the backing of numerous leaders in the business, agriculture, education, tech, and faith sectors, state and local elected officials, and top voices from both sides of the political spectrum. The campaign is launching as Congress negotiates a much-needed solution for DACA recipients. iMarch activity will be updated throughout the day with highlights from industries and perspectives across the country. 

DACA recipients are working in nearly every sector of the economy from hospitality to technology, and their economic power is indisputable. Research by the New American Economy (NAE) found that the DACA-eligible population earns almost $19.9 billion in total annual income, and contributes more than $3 billion to federal and state taxes across the country. After taxes, that leaves them with almost $16.8 billion in spending power. 

“Communities large and small across the United States recognize that protecting and welcoming Dreamers is the right thing to do - and in the economic best interest of the places where these young people call home,” said Welcoming America Executive Director David Lubell. “Dreamers are quarterbacks on the local high school football team, nurses in the local clinic, and teachers in the local classroom; communities want Dreamers to stay, and we hope Congress hears these calls.”

Places across the country have joined the movement to create a more welcoming America and stand with Dreamers:

  • "It’s past time that we create a clear path for people to earn permanent residency status and improve college affordability for undocumented students. Congress should pass a Clean DREAM Act now." - Mayor Lyda Krewson, City of St. Louis, Missouri 
  • “I stand with 176 of my Democratic and Republican mayoral colleagues in urging Congress to keep their word and pass a clean DREAM Act. We will continue fighting for our bright and hardworking young DREAMers, just as they have always enriched and strengthened San Jose.” - Mayor Sam Liccardo, San Jose
  • “Salt Lake County is home to thousands of young people with DACA status who are working, going to school or serving in the military. They are our friends, our neighbors, and our coworkers. They want to continue to build their lives in the only home country they’ve ever known. Congress should quickly do its job and provide a solution that allows them to continue contributing to our community and building their lives.” - Mayor Ben McAdams, Salt Lake County
  • “Our local communities - Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo -  have spent years building welcoming local communities and economies for our increasing immigrant and refugee populations. Local leaders, including elected officials, community, and business leaders, do this because we know diverse and inclusive economies are more robust and vibrant. Ohio has over 10,000 DACA eligible residents, many of whom live in our communities, own businesses, own homes, and have U.S.-born families, including children. Ripping these young people from their families and from our economies is not only the wrong thing to do, it’s also not the smart thing to do.” - Ohio Welcoming Initiatives Network   

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