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Nebraska is Home - Uniting Nebraska Communities

Welcoming America | June 16, 2010

Welcoming America's Nebraska affiliate, Nebraska is Home, has been working in hard to build bridges in the community of Fremont, NE. They have also been working in several other communities across Nebraska (see below). The bonds of the Fremont community have been strained by the introduction of immigration related ordinances and referenda. Previously a divisive immigration ordinance was defeated by the town council. Unfortunately, on June 21st 2010 the citizens of Fremont voted in a referendum to pass an immigration-related policy that will increase community division, and inhibit immigrant integration. Nevertheless, Nebraska is Home Fremont will continue in its efforts to build mutual understanding and respect between immigrants and U.S. born residents. Here's what the editorial board of the Freemont Tribune has said about the campaign: “We as a community have a chance to show we still can be courteous and respectful. That chance is by supporting the Nebraska Is Home Fremont campaign.” Nebraska is Home has also produced, printed and distributed thousands of visually appealing posters that contain positive messages about immigrants. These posters have become important tools for Nebraska's many welcoming committees. They have also built very strong local campaigns in the towns of Crete, Fremont, Grand Island and Schuyler that have resulted in a positive shift in discourse. Go Back