Salt Lake County and Louisville Metro Government Announced as Certified Welcoming

Salt Lake County and Louisville Metro Government Announced as Certified Welcoming

Timothy Walden | July 9, 2018

Contact: Melissa Bertolo, Certified Welcoming Manager

Phone: 937-210-9521

Email: [email protected]


Welcoming America is pleased to congratulate Salt Lake County and Louisville Metro Government for achieving the status of Certified Welcoming and joining the growing Certified Welcoming movement. Welcoming America announced their achievement at the Welcoming Interactive + Welcoming Economies Convening on June 19, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky.

As more and more communities look to distinguish themselves as inclusive places for people of all backgrounds, Certified Welcoming helps consumers and investors identify those places whose policies and culture truly align with their values. We congratulate Louisville, Kentucky and Salt Lake County, Utah on their leadership in becoming Certified Welcoming, and on their work every day to make their communities more welcoming places for everyone who calls them home, including immigrants and refugees,” said Rachel Peric, Executive Director of Welcoming America.


A growing number of places recognize that being welcoming leads to prosperity. Currently, one in eight Americans live in a welcoming community and those communities that become Certified Welcoming are leading the movement by demonstrating their commitment to equity and inclusion through policy and programmatic activities. Certified Welcoming communities gain a competitive advantage by using their designation for attracting and retaining a global workforce and businesses whose values align with welcoming and inclusion.


Immigrants make significant contributions to local economies and neighborhoods across the United States, and immigrant-owned businesses employ nearly six million workers nationally. Immigrants-owned businesses also play an outsize role in revitalizing neighborhoods through entrepreneurship, reversing population decline, and homeownership.


Salt Lake County and Louisville Metro Government completed an intensive evaluation to earn the Certified Welcoming designation. Local policies and programs were compared to  the comprehensive Welcoming Standard that covers community investments from education to economic development to civic engagement.


What is Certified Welcoming?

Welcoming America launched the Certified Welcoming program in April 2017 to establish a formal designation for cities and counties that have taken action on their commitment to welcoming and met the high bar set by the Welcoming Standard. Participants complete a rigorous independent audit to evaluate their compliance with the Standard. Both Certified Welcoming and the Welcoming Standard were designed following standards set by ISEAL. A pre-assessment tool is available to help communities decide if they are ready to become Certified Welcoming.


What is the Welcoming Standard?

The Welcoming Standard captures the core of what it means to be an inclusive community. Developed in collaboration with local governments, advocates, and diverse experts, and with input from the public at large, the Standard provides a comprehensive roadmap for immigrant inclusion. The Welcoming Standard addresses a range of essential policies, programs, and partnerships, from language access to hiring practices. Explore the Welcoming Standard.


What is Welcoming America?

Welcoming America is a nonpartisan, national nonprofit that leads a growing movement of inclusive communities becoming more prosperous by helping everyone know they belong. We provide a roadmap and support for places to reduce barriers to full participation and build bridges between immigrants and long-time residents through direct contact and dialogue. Welcoming America believes that all people, including immigrants and refugees, are valued contributors who are vital to our shared future.
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