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#WelcomingWeek Staff Picks

Welcoming America | August 20, 2015

Forget the headlines; here's what American communities really think about immigrants. From New Hampshire to Kentucky, Oregon to Georgia, communities gear up to celebrate #WelcomingWeek. And from community potlucks to soccer in the streets, New Americans are being welcomed by their neighbors. Check out some of these great events happening around the country chosen by Welcoming America staff  including why they think it's a great #WelcomingWeek event: 

xCultural Passport to PHL Week - Philadelphia, PA

Hosted by: Philadelphia Mayor's Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs "This schedule of events is truly representative of the welcoming spirit and is incredibly diverse, with offerings surely to pique anyone's interest. Welcoming America truly applauds MOIMA for its massive effort to offer an amazing slate of events every Welcoming Week!"

Welcoming Week Potluck - Lexington, KY

Hosted by: Kentucky Refugee Ministries "It shows that neighbors can do simple things - like coming together to break bread across difference - in order to welcome new refugees and immigrants into the community."

Community Picnic - Grand Forks, ND

Hosted by: Global Friends Coalition "Welcoming Week is all about diverse communities coming together, and food, music, games, and conversation are all great ways for community members to bond."

Welcoming Michigan Statewide Convening - Warren, MI

Hosted by: Welcoming Michigan "It's exciting to see a whole state coming together for a Welcoming Week event!"

Momo Monday - North Olmsted, OH

Hosted by: US Together "I love the idea of coming together around the shared language of food. Plus who doesn't want Nepali dumplings?!"

Beaverton Night Market - Beaverton, OR

Hosted by: City of Beaverton’s Diversity Advisory Board "They are embodying the spirit of welcoming by trying something new in their community, and the evening event has all the hallmarks of smart design--it's after hours for most people, it has lots of positive economic and cultural objectives, and it gets people out and about in contact with each other. Exciting!"

Soccer in the Streets - Atlanta, GA

Hosted by: Welcoming Atlanta, At lanta Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs "I love the common language of sports and soccer is as universal as you get. Especially when you're playing in the heart of a community as opposed to at a stadium."

Cultural Greetings & Hospitality - Jacksonville, FL

Hosted by: Jacksonville Refugee Community Services "A learned kind word or a hospitable gesture is sometimes all it takes to make anyone feel welcome. Adding fashion and ritualized coffee (all under an umbrella of cultural awareness)--that's a Saturday afternoon event that works for me!"

Mission Impact Council Community Summit - St. Paul, MN

Hosted by: YMCA Twin Cities' Mission Impact Council "It is a targeted youth call to action. In reflecting on how we could all be more 'welcoming' it truly starts with the youth that will have the capacity to carry this for generations in our fast changing country.This events looks at many barriers from a holistic approach to bridge the gap. I am all about the young people and empowering them no matter what you background is or your circumstances are. Bringing them together fosters understanding and tolerance for all!"

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