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We partner with nonprofit organizations across the country to support locally-driven efforts to create more welcoming, immigrant-friendly environments.

Member Benefits

Participating nonprofts will connect with their peers through a community of practice that will share good ideas, develop new tools, and receive recognition for their efforts to create more welcoming communities that improve the quality of life and economic potential for immigrants and non-immigrants alike.

Members will have the chance to:

  • Access to a network of peers from across the county who also want to make their communities more welcoming.
  • Learn about large and small communities that are responding to demographic change and supporting long-term immigrant integration in a way that speaks to and benefits all members of the community.
  • Access new tools and resources to help advance welcoming resolutions, initiatives and strategies
  • Receive support and recognition for their efforts to foster more vibrant, inclusive, and welcoming communities.
  • Participate in national and transatlantic learning exchanges that highlight promising practices from globally competitive cities.


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Contact Keiron Bone Dormegnie to learn more or to join.

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