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Welcoming Institute

Through our fee-for-service Welcoming Institute, Welcoming America delivers customized and dynamic online and in-person trainings, as well as individualized technical assistance and consulting, to local governments, nonprofits, community collaboratives, schools, businesses, and other sectors working to advance inclusion in their communities. Our trainings are evidenced-informed and culturally targeted, designed to build skills and increase capacity. Members of the Welcoming Network receive a 10% reduced rate on Welcoming Institute trainings.

We have provided training and technical assistance (including group, peer, and individual coaching) to over 2,000 organizations and 10,000 individuals since 2009.

"Our organization has worked with Welcoming America two years running now to provide webinars for our ESL teacher professional learning community. Each time, the teachers have really benefited from learning about practical, hands-on activities they can do with students of all ages to make them feel included, welcomed, and valued in their schools." – Jenna Geiman, All for All

Training Topics

Popular training topics available under the Welcoming Institute include:

  • Building Connections to Overcome Divides 

Learning specific strategies to help overcome concerns people from different backgrounds may have about each other in order to build greater social cohesion.

  • Advancing Welcoming Economies  

Exploring the components of inclusive economic development and promising practices for achieving it.

  • Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Schools  

Recognizing the critical role schools play in setting the stage for welcome in the community and how to create a positive school climate through student, staff, parent, and community engagement.

  • Positive Messaging and Communications 

Using shared values to overcome negative rhetoric and advance a positive message of inclusion.  Developing a welcoming communications plan.

  • Learning About the Welcoming Standard 

An overview of the local policies and programs that are part of the Welcoming Standard and promising practices from other welcoming communities.

  • Cross-Sector Approaches to Welcoming 

How to engage local leaders from the government, nonprofit, business, faith and other sectors to work together in collaboration to promote welcome in your community.

  • Developing Regional Welcoming Strategies

Helping local leaders work across jurisdictions to develop promising policies, programs, and plans that advance welcoming work at the regional level.

Other trainings may be available upon request.  If you have a specific need or interest, please contact us at [email protected]

Our Training Team

The Welcoming Institute includes a diverse training team of staff and consultants with years of experience in facilitation, training, and adult education in wide-ranging fields from community building, health, education, economic development, and beyond.  Trainers come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and are matched to meet your needs.

To Learn More

Our team is happy to work with you to learn more about your interests and needs and to explore how the Welcoming Institute might be of help.  Please contact us for more information on offered trainings, customized trainings, coaching, and fees.