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Welcoming Webinar

In this Welcoming Refugees webinar, we released our new toolkit of tips and promising practices, "Neighbors Together: Promising Practices to Strengthen Relations with Refugees and Muslims." The webinar highlighted the efforts of several communities to counter anti-refugee backlash and welcome newcomers.

While Shelbyville is, in many ways, a typical southern town, it is also unique. Several of the residents appearing in the documentary and on this website are active participants of the Welcoming Tennessee Initiative, a statewide effort to help improve relations between long-term residents and immigrant newcomers. 

An introduction to the Welcoming model and how it relates to the community of Shelbyville. This clip is featured in “Building a Nation of Neighbors,” a Shelbyville Multimedia video module for bridge-building between newcomers and long time residents, adapted from the documentary Welcome to Shelbyville directed and produced by Kim A. Snyder.

This tool provides an overview of strategies to engage the broader community in an immigrant integration context and offers numerous examples of projects throughout the country.

This guide is a tool that was developed by the Public Conversations Project for Welcoming America. This will help you plan a dialogue, which Welcoming America believes is a key part of any Welcoming initiative.

Welcoming Webinar

Join Welcoming America, Active Voice, and Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Services to learn about the new ONWARD Project. ONWARD is a story and data project to help faith-based leaders engage their communities around one of the most pressing issues today. In this webinar, you will learn about all the films, stories, and resources ONWARD has to offer and how you can integrate them into your work.