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Member Spotlight: Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is a leader in attracting, retaining, and including immigrants, and has shown the positive economic and social impacts of being a welcoming city. Immigrants have significantly contributed to the reversal of a 60-year population decline, and since 2000 are responsible for 96 percent of small business growth and 75 percent of workforce growth.

Philadelphia's Welcoming Economy


Philadelphia is just one of the cities in our growing Welcoming Economies Global Network that has recognized the value of immigrants and launched efforts to welcome and support them.

"Today, immigrants are contributing to the economic fabric of Philadelphia more than ever before. Seventy-five percent of workforce growth is due to the influx of immigrants, and immigrant-owned businesses account for $770 million in annual 'main street' earnings. Philadelphia's increasing immigrant population is also helping to reverse 50 years of population loss, strengthening our city as a whole," said Mayor Jim Kenney.

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