Belonging Civic Dinners | Welcoming America

Belonging Civic Dinners

Host or attend a Virtual Civic Dinner during Welcoming Week — September 12 - 20. 

Civic Dinners is proud to partner with Welcoming America and Weaving Community to launch a conversation exploring the state of belonging in the United States.

Humans crave a sense of belonging and connection—to one another and to the places we call home. Unfortunately, many people—including immigrants and longtime residents—feel like they don't belong. Whether through policies or more subtle encounters, messages of exclusion work their way into our minds and social fabric. It is time to come together to explore our own sense of belonging, and how we can create more welcoming communities.

Sign up to host your own virtual conversation and bring together your community members, following our host guide. Or, choose to join a dinner as a guest. We're excited to have your voice at the "virtual" table. 

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