Human Flow Documentary Screening - Harrisonburg VA | Welcoming America

Human Flow Documentary Screening - Harrisonburg VA

Join us this week as Harrisonburg and Welcoming communities around the country celebrate Welcoming Week.  

As Harrisonburg strives to welcome newcomers from around the world, the Welcoming Harrisonburg Council is partnering with Reel Change Film Festival to present a free screening of the documentary, Human Flow.  

Human Flow demonstrates how countless lives and stories have been drastically altered by the need to migrate due to famine, climate change, and war. 

A brief, facilitated audience reflection will follow.

Please take a moment to share the news about this free screening by forwarding this email and sharing the facebook link with your networks.  

What:  Human Flow Documentary Screening

When:  Saturday, 9/21 6:45 - 9:30pm

Where: Court Square Theater, 41-F Court Square, Harrisonburg

For questions, please contact the Welcoming Harrisonburg Council at [email protected].  

The mission of the Welcoming Harrisonburg Council (WHC) is to build connections through advocacy, communication, and collaboration to create a community where everyone feels at home. 

We hope to see you there!

The Welcoming Harrisonburg Council


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