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Immigration Update for International Students and H-1B Workers

Open Towers is pleased to partner with Welcoming America to promote its “Welcoming Week” celebrations – to showcase the work we do to welcome international students, scholars, alumni, and expats. 

According to many think tanks, media commentators, and employers, in the 18 months since Donald Trump has been president, the U.S. immigration system has gone from bad to worse. This has particularly impacted international students and others on J visas. A number of long-standing rules have changed.

For instance, Students in the country on F, J, or M visas now have less leeway when it comes to the legal term “unlawful presence.” Students who overstay in the U.S. – those who drop out of school, fail to maintain the minimum number of hours, or otherwise fall out of good standing – can be subject to a three- or ten-year bar from entering the United States. Those who overstay for more than one year can be barred for life. In addition, the Trump administration has piled new compliance rules, documentation requirements, and other regulations on H-1B visas. These changes make it much more costly for employers to use H-1B visas to hire skilled foreign workers, which is a likely reason that applications for such visas dropped by 20% from 2016 to 2018.

The webinar covers many of such regulations, but is not intended as legal advice on immigration matters.    

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