Knight Sor presents Lessons from the Killing Fields: Resolving Racial Conflict in the World | Welcoming America

Knight Sor presents Lessons from the Killing Fields: Resolving Racial Conflict in the World

Knight Sor presents Lessons from the Killing Fields:  Resolving Racial Conflict in the World

Knight Sor serves as a conciliation specialist with the United States Department of Justice – Community Relations Service (CRS).  In this capacity, he assists advocacy & civil rights groups, schools & universities, law enforcement jurisdictions, and diverse communities in responding to intergroup tension or specific acts of intolerance.  Knight is a naturalized U.S. citizen, having emigrated as a refugee from war-torn Cambodia in 1979; he spent his critical childhood years in the Khmer Rouge concentration camp, where about 80 percent of his family had been killed, whether through execution or starvation.  He studied physics and American history at Penn State and then international relations at the University of Denver – Joseph Korbel’s School of International Politics, where he received recognition for his graduate thesis on South Africa as a race-based state which led him to his current profession as a peacemaking conciliation specialist.

As a peacemaker, Knight Sor has worked with diverse communities that are in conflict not only in the U.S., but also in Germany, Cambodia, and South Africa with the end goal of helping communities resolve conflict, improve relations, and foster cooperation through trust building.  This means having to work with all kinds of people and controversial groups to protect and preserve individual First Amendment and/or their natural rights.  Although he’s not religious, he subscribes to the Buddhist notion that “In the End, only three things matter: How much you love, How gently you live, and How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” 

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