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Welcome Week Proclamation

WHEREAS,  this week, we celebrate Welcoming Week as a way of creating home together with communities around the world. Welcoming Week is about bringing neighbors together across lines of difference to build relationships and work together on shared goals; and 

WHEREAS,  Yankton is home to people of all backgrounds, including those who were not born here, but now call it home. Yankton’s success depends on making sure that all residents feel welcome. New residents are a vital part of our community, along with our long-time residents, bringing ideas, starting businesses, serving in civic roles, working in critical industries, and contributing to the vibrant diversity that we value; and  

WHEREAS, it is time to come together and build communities where every resident has the opportunity to thrive and contribute. By fostering a welcoming environment for all—we enhance the City of Yankton’s health, economic prosperity, and well-being for current and future generations.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, xxxxxxx,   do proclaim the week of September 12, 2020 as Welcome Week in Yankton, South Dakota.  I call upon all citizens, community agencies, religious organizations, and businesses to make the City of Yankton a more welcoming place for new and long-term residents. 



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