Welcoming Week Mill Creek Family YMCA | Welcoming America

Welcoming Week Mill Creek Family YMCA

Presentation and discussion by representatives of workforce Snohomish 

Workforce Snohomish and RISNW received a Refugee Career Pathways Grant from the Office of Refugee Resettlement. The grant enables a consortium of community partners to provide collaborative career and employment pathways services to refugees in Snohomish County.


The CRP goals:

     · Help our refugee and asylee clients, who live in the US for less than five years, advance their career pathways in Business, Finance, and IT sector.

     · Help our clients pay for their two-quarter tuition in Business, Finance, or IT certification via Edmonds and Everett Community College. We also help them connect with financial assistance via the college.

     · Assist our clients with the validation of foreign credential.

     · Provide career connected learning opportunity.

     · Provide employment support services and job placements.


We hope to have food in the lobby at these times too!

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